The RHA114-350 by SportChassis is the most versatile heavy-duty truck on the road today. Engineered for comfort on the inside and a multitude of purposes on the outside, there is almost nothing you cannot do.

Pulling any sort of large trailer, horse, RV, cargo, or boat can be challenging. Lots of companies talk about how their truck can pull your trailer down the road, but our question is can they stop you? For us it comes down to mass, if what you're pulling is a lot heavier than what you're pulling it with, then you have a potential problem.

Take a closer look at the RHA114-350 to see how this amazing truck gets you where you need to be safely, securely, and in style.


Need more power?
With a trailering capacity of 40,00lbs, the upsized RHA114 is sure to handle the biggest of loads. At 1650lb-ft, the RHA114-450 delivers an impressive 57% more torque than the small block. By utilizing a Detroit Diesel 450hp DD13 and an Allison TRV 4000 for a drive train on a class VII chassis, the RHA114-450 gets the job done more efficiently.


The P2-350 really is what it's all about. A fully functional pickup with the power, safety and security to haul you or your family, around town or across country.

Designed to pull everything from the smallest trailers to a massive gooseneck living quarters, this does it all. The P2-350 unites a powerful Cummins engine and a reliable Allison transmission a pickup body on an enduring 500,000 mile rated chassis and as predicted the perfect pickup truck was born. Satisfying all your needs in one truck has been challenging; now with the SportChassis P2-350 you see what success really looks like.


Size Matters: It's not about how fast your car is; it's about the size of your truck. Living up to a name can be hard, but the P2XL really is the Ultimate Pickup.

Designed with the same careful attention to detail that has made our other vehicles beloved by their owners, the P2XL features a full pickup bed behind our spacious cab. This is the truck. You work hard, so play hard. Make your next toy, a SportChassis®.


The SportChassis P4XL is the ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle on the planet. Everything about this truck is big! A 174-in. wheelbase, 100-in. width and 264 inches from front to back make sure that you impress. Four Michelin XZL 425/65R 22.5-in. tires available in the offroad package powered by the Allison TRV3200 in a 5-speed configuration makes sure that you can go anywhere you need to. The Cummins ISC, an 8.3L diesel, rated at 330 HP with a 1000-ft/lb torque provides more than enough power to pull your boat up that slippery ramp or take you, your friends and all the toys to play in the sand.